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The Journey Begins Here

Just Released! 

The Bird and the Worm

A curious, but very clever worm, tired of looking at dirt and darkness, wants a little adventure in
his life. He wants to explore the surface of the earth.
What's stopping him from coming out of his little hole? Only a very hungry bird! However, this
worm is smarter than the average worm – not a bookworm, but pretty close.
This story tells a tale of wit, ego, and bravery. Will the worm get what he wants? Will he see the
world he always wanted to see? Or will the bird get his way (and we all know what that means)?

bird book_edited.jpg

The Magic Bed Series

Imagination Without Limitaion

Mary and the Magic Bed
Mary and the Magic Bed: Moon
Mary and the Magic Bed:Rain
Love this book. Stirs the imagination while keeping your child engaged. You feel and sense Mary’s experience right along with her expecting the next exciting adventure. I feel the author has captured a young child’s real life imagination. Highly recommend this book.
I really enjoyed reading this book with my kids. It's a fun and imaginative story and the illustrations are great. I hope the author keeps them coming.
Mary and the Magic Bed tells, and delightfully illustrates, a story that is whimsical and engaging. Fair to say, Mary has a generous imagination that is perfect for a bedtime that takes her beyond "sweet dreams", as Daddy closes the bedroom door. It is a dream?
Perfect for young children who may need a bit of encouragement to sleep but certainly not to imagine!
I'm looking forward to a library of the "...Magic Bed" series.
I bought this book as gifts for children of family and friends. Of course I read it before wrapping. I liked the concept very much and appreciated the beautiful illustrations. I also liked the fact that the author used his own children (from his dedication).... makes it more real. I noticed that the author said this will become a series. I am looking forward to reading about Mary's next adventure....
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