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About Us

W.Sorrese III, Storyteller
- W.Sorrese III, Storyteller-

Being a father of three daughters my imagination is constantly being exercised, especially at night when its bedtime. My girls love books, and the bedtime ritual that comes with reading them. One night, my oldest who was 5 at the time asked for a story instead. That is when it began. It was such a hit that every night I had to make up a new story to keep the girls interested. Eventually, I was making up new content on a daily basis just to keep my children engaged, it became like a second job. I even found himself typing bullet points on my phone at work to help me string together a story for that night. I always have been a strong believer in the power of imagination, I love magical-ness, phantasy and anything, well, weird. So, I figured it really wouldn't be that hard, for maybe 6 or 7 "ok" stories! But weeks and even months of stories? That seemed impossible. Out of this conundrum, "Mary and the Magic Bed" was born. I figured, if I had, set characters, a theme, and a problem to solve, I would at least have a fighting chance when it came to my biggest critics (the kids). I combined this approach with his oldest daughter's obsession with asking questions, her underwhelming feeling of going to bed, and created the "Magic Bed" series. Always a question, always an imaginative answer, always an adventure!

 Lola Svetlova, Illustrator
- Lola Svetlova, Illustrator -

Lola Svetlova is an artist and illustrator based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Past 5 years of her lifelong art journey Lola committed to childrens' books. She's worked with several independent authors and publishers around the world. Her illustrations are warm and full of color. Lola's experience as a kindergarten teacher and her passion for children's psychology is helping her to establish a fun but meaningful visual dialogue with the viewer. She believes that through communication with children, and inner children within adults, we can make the world kinder as, in her theory, every cruelty in the world begins with one deeply unhappy child. Lola works in different media, from oil paint, colored pencils and collage to digital illustrations finding a very own approach to every book.

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