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The Next Journey: Introducing Mary and The Magic Bed - Moon

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Get ready for an exciting new adventure in the second book of the captivating series, "Mary and The Magic Bed." Building on the fantastical and educational journey of the first book, join Mary as she continues her exploration with her magical bed. Titled "Moon," this upcoming release will answer a thrilling question posed by Mary, an eight-year-old girl with an endless curiosity for the world around her – "what would happen if the moon fell?" This blog post provides a sneak peek into the inquisitive world of Mary and the Magic Bed and offers parents and children an opportunity to embark on a fascinating voyage filled with intrigue, amusement, and learning.

For those unfamiliar with the series, "Mary and The Magic Bed" introduces us to Mary, a curious and imaginative eight-year-old girl. As nighttime falls and she prepares for bed each night, her mind runs wild with questions. Her dad helps her answer these questions by suggesting an imaginative way of getting the answers. Her bed comes to life and whisks her away on extraordinary adventures, answering her questions about the world around her.

The first book of the series took Mary on her initial voyage, discovering the depths of her curiosity and setting the stage for more subsequent explorations. Introducing young readers to the wonders of the cosmos, it not only entertained but also aimed to spark a love for learning, exploration, and imagination in children. The story telling by William Sorrese III and the amazing illustrations by Lola Svetlova, the Magic Bed series is sure to get the whole family excited about bed time.

In the second book, "Moon," Mary ponders the intriguing and mysterious question: "What would happen if the moon fell?" This query serves as the focal point for yet another enchanting escapade, as Mary's magic bed whizzes her away towards the stunning lunar landscape. Along the way, children will learn about confidence, team work and kindness.

Moreover, this new installment in the series delves deeper into the bond between Mary and the bed, exploring their friendship and shared sense of adventure. As Mary endeavors to find an answer to her question, she relies on the wisdom and guidance of her magical bed, solidifying their bond and trust which is all to familiar with her every day life and interactions. The heartwarming and age-appropriate story facilitates an excellent opportunity for parents and children to connect through shared reading time, fostering closeness while nurturing curiosity.

Above all, "Mary and The Magic Bed - Moon" seeks to engage young readers, encouraging them to ponder the world around them and ask their own questions to fuel their imaginations, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. By allowing children to observe as Mary seeks answers, they themselves learn to appreciate and understand the importance of inquiry and exploration, planting the seeds of an inquisitive mindset that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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