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How it started

"Dad, tell us another story!" That where it all started. My 2 girls, 7 and 4 at the time loved the bed time routine, books, chit chat, and the occasional story. The occasional story became more popular as time went on. I guess I got lucky and told

A good one. Now, every night was, "dad tell us a story, tell us a story!" I would spend more time during the day preparing a story for that night, 4-5 stories A week took a lot of work. The "off the top of my head" stories weren't cutting it. I needed content! So, I retold an old story about a girl (Mary) who would constantly ask questions before bed time, but this time I just added a different plot. This is when the Magic Bed Series became a thing. Every night, the same characters, the same theme, but, a differnt question. Imagination, dreams, adventure, and a bed that flys! Just like in the bed time story, I would always leave my girls guessing, was it really a dream? Or did it really happen?

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