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Illustration: The Story in the Story

Illustrations play an important role in children’s books. They help engage young readers, provide visual cues and clues, and can even make stories more memorable. Studies have shown that illustrations can help children better understand the written text and can even increase their reading comprehension skills.

Illustrations also help to create an emotional connection with the story, which is especially important for young readers. By looking at the pictures, children are able to connect with characters on a deeper level and become invested in the story. This helps them to stay engaged while they are reading and encourages them to read more often.

When writing the Magic Bed series, amongst other books the connection I had with my illustrator was so important to me. We as writers need to leave our illustrators unthethered, especially in children's books. The connection we have transcends to the connnection the reader has with the illustrations in the story.

In conclusion, illustrations are a vital part of any children’s book as they help create an emotional bond between readers and characters while also improving reading comprehension skills.

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