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Inspiration and Writing

If you're like me and have always wanted to write, but find yourself stuck in the middle of a project, I hope some of the things that I use can help.


Reading can be a great way to get inspired. Try reading books that are different from what you normally read. Read books by authors who are inspiring to you, but not necessarily the same genre as your own work. Reading is also a great way to learn new writing techniques and styles, which will help you grow as a writer.

Look at art

Art is an amazing source of inspiration.

When you look at a piece of art, you can see the creator's intention and thought process behind it. You can also look at how they used color, shape and texture to create an emotional response in the viewer. Art is one of the best ways to learn about what makes good writing because it helps us understand what makes people feel something when they read our writing.

When choosing art for your own inspiration:

  • Look for pieces that make you feel something--happy or sad or angry or excited or anything else! If a piece doesn't make sense to me on any level, then I don't want it anywhere near my workspace (or even my house). If someone else likes this type of thing then great! But if not... no thanks!

The Magic Bed Series

The Magic Bed Series is a series of books I wrote about a bed that can take you to other worlds. The first book in the series, Mary and the Magic Bed, was published in 2022.

The second book in this series will be released later this year! It's called The Magic Bed Series: Moon and it takes Mary on yet another crazy adventure, and is almost ready for the editing process. The 3rd book in the series in the Magic Bed Series is called Rain. This is where Mary's little sister finds herself in the mix. I used all the above to help inspire my writing.

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