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Mary and The Magic Bed

Mary and the Magic Bed: An Overview of an Enchanting Series

Are you looking for something fun to read with your children? If so, then you should check out the “Mary and the Magic Bed” series. Mary is a 7-year-old girl who comes up with a plan to delay her bedtime by asking a bunch of questions. With the help of an unexpected friend, she embarks on a magical journey filled with answers to her questions and adventures beyond her wildest dreams.

At the center of this series is Mary, the 7 year old who will do anything not to go to bed. She is brave, curious, and extremely imaginative. Her best friend in the series is an unexpected one—a talking bed! It helps Mary answer all her questions about the world around her as they embark on their adventure together.

The Adventures that Await

Readers can expect many things when diving into this series—the most important being imagination! Every adventure that awaits readers contains a lesson learned along the way; whether it’s learning why grass is green or taking a trip through outer space, there are plenty of enchanting stories that await readers of this series. Not only will your child learn answers to their questions but they will also get lost in thrilling adventures during each story.

If you’re looking for something fun for your children to read before bedtime, then “Mary and the Magic Bed” series may be just what you need! This enchanting series combines learning with imagination as we follow Mary on her quest for answers and thrilling adventures with her talking bed companion. So join Mary and prepare yourself for some magical journeys! You won't be disappointed!

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