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Mary and the Magic Bed:Moon|Coming Soon

Join Mary on her latest magical adventure as she ponders the question, “What would happen if the moon fell?” With her magical bed, she embarks on a journey to explore this question and all of the possibilities it may bring. Along the way, Mary meets people and creatures from all walks of life who each have something valuable to share.

Mary’s Magical Adventure

In this new story, Mary discovers that when we come together with open minds and hearts to solve problems, anything is possible! As she meets new friends in her travels, Mary learns about different people and helps them work through their challenges. She also learns how to think critically about a problem before deciding on a course of action.

On her journey towards a solution, Mary finds friends in many unexpected places. She learns that it’s important to listen to everyone’s perspectives before coming up with an answer. With help from her friends and guidance from her own intuition, she is able to move closer towards solving the mystery of what will happen if the moon falls.

The story is filled with colorful characters who teach us lessons about communication, collaboration, critical thinking, kindness, and more! Despite being set in a fantastical world full of magic and adventure, these lessons are entirely applicable to our everyday lives. After all, we all need help solving our own challenges now and then!

Mary and the Magic Bed: Moon is an exciting new story for children of all ages that encourages readers to think critically about difficult problems while also fostering collaboration among people (animals) from different backgrounds. Through Mary’s adventures in this magical world full of surprises and unexpected allies, we learn that no matter how challenging a problem may seem--we can always find help in unexpected places if we just reach out with an open mind. So get ready for an unforgettable journey by joining Mary on her quest for answers when Mary and the Magic Bed: Moon comes out soon!

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