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Powerful Reoccurring Themes I Try to Keep in all The Magic Bed Series Books and Other Books of Mine


Did you know that there are some powerful recurring themes in children's books? And did you know that these themes can help you understand your child better? I've written before about how I use books as a parenting tool, and now I'm going to share with you some of the most common recurring themes.

Some of the themes I try to keep in mind when Writing Mary and the Magic Bed

  • Courage - Some children's stories are all about courage. They focus on how one person overcame adversity or fear in order to help others or save themselves. These stories include characters that are facing problems and then find the courage within themselves to overcome those problems.

  • Friendship - Friendships are important in childhood, especially when you're struggling with something and need someone else who understands what it feels like to be in your shoes! In many children's books, friendship is a theme that runs throughout the story line as well as being present at its conclusion with happy endings for all involved (or at least most).

  • Family - Families come in many shapes and sizes but they always seem to have something special about them regardless of size or composition because family members love each other unconditionally even through tough times when things get rough between siblings or parents/children argue over silly things like chores around the house while mommy tries desperately not think about her upcoming work conference call tomorrow morning which means another late night into early morning shift schedule starting tonight after dinner so she won't get enough sleep before having drinks tonight...


I try to keep these reoccurring themes when wri in children's books. I know it can be overwhelming to think about all the different things that kids need to learn and understand as they grow up, but these stories can help by providing a fun way for them to explore new ideas in an entertaining way.

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