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The Best Way to Market Children's Books: Start Locally

Marketing children's books is no small feat. With so many authors competing for the attention of young readers, it can be hard to stand out. One of the best ways to market children's books is to start locally. By connecting with schools and libraries, hosting book signings, and engaging with the local community, authors can create a platform for their book and reach a new audience. In this blog post, we'll discuss the best strategies for marketing children's books locally.


Authors should connect with the community first when marketing children's books. One great way is to reach out to local schools and libraries. Many of them host events or classes that could be sponsored by the author. Book signings at local stores can also be helpful. An author could use their local knowledge to find potential customers in their area.

Another option is to team up with other authors in the area and offer discounts on multiple books at once. This could potentially draw larger crowds and result in more sales. Ultimately, starting locally is a great way to gain traction when it comes to marketing children’s books.

Local book fairs, fairs in general, local libraries and bookstores are great places to set up a "meet the author" and book signings. My plan with Mary and The Magic Bed Book Series is to market by engaging with young readers around West Islip. The idea is for me to read passages from the books, engage with children on questions about the characters and story, I might hold an art contest for children to submit artwork inspired by the books! It should be a rewarding experience for both me (the author) and children alike as they connect on an emotional level with each other through their shared love of "The Mary and The Magic Bed" Series.

The Biggest Hurdle

If you want to be successful in marketing your children's books, then don't be shy. Whether you are just launching your book or are a seasoned author, getting out there and talking about your work is key.

Getting out there doesn't have to be intimidating either. You can look forward to talking about your books and the impact they will have on children. There is no better feeling than seeing the joy your book brings to kids when they hear it and read it. If you have children’s books that you believe in, make sure to share them with the world. Don’t be afraid to talk about your work and promote it. Get out there and spread the word!

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