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Writers block!

Writing can be difficult, especially when faced with writer's block. But with a few simple tips, I was able to overcome this challenge when writing my Mary and The Magic Bed book series.

Tip 1: Always write down your ideas.

I found it helpful to keep a notebook and pencil nearby, in order to jot down any ideas or thoughts that came to me. This way, I always had somewhere to turn for inspiration. Being not so technically savvy, if I didn't have a notebook nearby I would simply just start typing on my phone. Often I would think of my daughters, after all they were the inspiration for the Mary and The Magic Bed Series. Take time to think what inspired you when faced with writers block.

Tip 2: Take a break.

Its ok to walk away from your work for a while. If you have a set time to write, and you are strugggling, just walk away. Maybe just for a few minutes, or maybe for a few days, If its not flowing, don't force it. I find that when I force myself to write when I'm not feeling it, the story comes out all wrong.

Tip 3: Read some books.

You may not know this, but your writing style has been determined by the books you read. Especially with children's books, many children's authors remember the books they read as a child. Its even easier if you have children, because you are most likely reading those favorite books of yours to them any way, and they are most likely near by.

Tip 4: Ask for advice.

As a new author I surrounded myself with other writers, whether its online or in real life. Not everyone is an author, but we are all storytellers. Talk to all your loved ones, friends and family, they usually can help you without even helping you. Sometimes even bad advice is good advice. You can figure out what won't work, which will eventually lead to what does work.

Tip 5: Have Confidence.

Being confident in yourself and your story will help more than anything else. Remind yourself why you started writing stories in the first place. You are a writer! you are a storyteller! You can do This!

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